“Looking out across endless plains with the roar of lion and the whoop of hyaena,
slowly night falls,
this is the Africa of my soul“

My soulmate


I dreamed of living under the stars in Africa, the sounds of lions calling in the distance, and the endless plains where elephants roam freely, where African people smile and laugh without reserve, where the music plays deep within my heart every second of the day, my heartbeat is in tune with the heartbeat of Africa, i have wanted this forever and realised that it wasn’t a dream and i could make it a reality, by embarking on this incredible journey of the soul.

My first stop was learning all about how to become a guide and taking some immersive courses in this incredible genre of wilderness, working with inspiring trainers and people who have springboarded me onto the next step which was to become a chain of wonderful steps over a period of several years.

Growing up in Italy and working in a completely different field i was always drawn to the effervescence of Africa and have travelled to as far as Mali in the west and Ethiopia in the North East, all of which have resonated deeply within me, making me want more and more.

Africa is like that, it grabs you and shakes you, it mesmerises you and challenges you and at the same time makes you fall in love with it over and over again

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