ASI the squirrel part 4

ASI the squirrel part 4


ASI is a “Lady Burton’s rope squirrel ( Funisciurus isabella), a species of rodents in the Family Sciuridae. They are called “rope squirrel” because of the small size and the light weight that allow them to walk and jump on the smallest branches of the trees. The alternative vernacular name “African Striped Squirrel” refers to the lateral side-stripes on each flank.

Those squirrels are small, growing to a head and body length of about 154 mm. They have a slender tail of about 160 mm and males are slightly larger than females. They live in both lowland and montane rain forests.


This squirrel was first described in 1862 by the English zoologist John Edward Gray that gave him the name of  Sciurus isabella. “Isabella” honouring Isabella Burton, the wife of the explorer Sir Richard Burton.


The Lady Burton’s rope squirrel are quite vocal, they call readily and often. The characteristic warbling alarm call is amazing.

Spending most of the time foraging through dense undergrowth of the forest, they are difficult to see and can often be identified by the typical sounds.

I will never forget ASI’s voice. So small and capable of “speaking” so loudly!!


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