BWINDI Impenetrable forest

The Beauty and Diversity of the Wild Forests of Bwindi National park trap one’s soul in a time capsule, when the earth was the dominant force and Mankind was still humble.

I can feel the trees breathing around me, the mystical mythical feel of this primeval forest connects deeply within me.

Walking in this ancient montane pristine forest, uphill and downhill through thick tangles of vines, ferns and roots, give  me a fresh sense of hope. Nettles are everywhere, there are no paths, no signs or directions, and no clearings. Sometimes I catch my breath as I stop and admire the forest  around me.

Then I start walking again on the slippery soil, nothing will stop me to find the gorillas.

I feel these gentle giants close to me, I can smell them before seeing them, and then suddenly there they are. The emotion is so strong that I can’t stop tears from my eyes and I know, this is one of life’s greatest privileges.

I sit in silence on the wet grass of the forest, the magnificence of these animals is all encompassing, I would love to stop the time at this moment.

The tenderness of a female holding her baby to her breast, with young gorillas cavorting in the undergrowth.  Much of their day is spent in play, climbing trees, chasing one another, and swinging from branches. And then there is the silverback, with all his strength, power and grace.

The Impenetrable forest of Bwindi is also called “the place of darkness”, due to its dense treetops and it is one of the oldest, rarest and most diverse ecosystems in Africa.

Bwindi is a world Heritage Site located in the southwestern region of Uganda on the rim of the Rift Valley, across the steep ridges of the Albertine Rift Valley.  Half
of the world’s population of the mountain gorillas live there.

Unfortunately today habitat destruction is the main threat to the gorillas. Around the Park communities are heavily populated and use land for farming or logging. Through education and a shared vested interest will be the only way to retain the majesty of this stately place.

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