The wild spaces of Namibia, especially the Desert regions are unique in their landscape and feeling. If you want utter silence but for the wind and the distance yelp of a jackal or the rumble of a desert elephant as it approaches its favourite watering hole in the dry Damaraland landscape. Around midday the wind picks up and it is generally a good idea to head up of the river bed and into the highlands where it is cooler and less unforgiving.
These timeless ranges and valleys are the haunts of lion, hyena and cheetah, with kudu and springbok and orix in abundance.
Usually one sees old male bull elephant in the river beds hiding from the sun and feeding either on the delicious acacia pods or plucking up sheaves of the grass or mustard bush.

It looks sometimes that God took a blending brush to brush out the hard lines when you see this place in the early mornings or evenings, the time when rhinos are often sighted up towards the Skeleton coast and Torra Bay.

Damaraland is a vast region northwest of Namibia with a wild and rugged landscape. Home to desert elephants and rhinos, petrified trees, caves and shelters. The rock engravings of Twyfelfontein, granite kopjes, deep gorges, open plains and ancient valleys.
An uncontaminated and ancestral nature of fascinating beauty like only a few places on earth.

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