2 onions • fresh grated ginger • 2 spoons of tomato paste • 6 sweet potatoes • salt • black pepper • 2 spoons of peanut butter • crushed roasted peanuts

Cook the onions with fresh grated ginger until they are soft.
Add the tomato paste. Mix everything and add the sweet potatoes along with water (not too much, just to cover the potatoes) and cook until the potatoes are soft. Add hot water if necessary during the cooking.

Add salt, black pepper and peanut butter few minutes before switching off (when the potatoes are soft).
Blend the soup to obtain a velvety one.
When it’s time to serve it add on each dish some crushed roasted peanuts on top and a small piece of toasted bread alongside.

This soup has its origin in West Africa. I used to cook it in Central Africa Republic.
It’s a very tasty soup and even the guests that usually didn’t like peanut butter used to become addicted on it asking to have it again.
The quantity of each ingredient may vary at will.

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