I travelled around Africa for many years in different countries, but it has been when i arrived in Africa for making Africa my home that i discovered the place that most of the others has captured my heart.
This astonishing timeless place is TULI, situated in the most eastern part of Botswana. When i put my feet on that land i knew i was home and i wrote on my diary
“I arrive in a place that takes my breath away, as i have been here in my dreams, i have seen the sandstone and granite outcrops, the total sense of being in another world, a world where feel I have lived before, home to herds of elephants, when Mizilikazi passed here, heading up to the then Rhodesia or Gordon Cummings,a hunter and explorer in the 19th century. The baobab that sticks out like a sentry and surveys the land below it, the baobab that has been engraved on by Cecil John Rhodes, when he surveyed the land before him. There is something incredibly deep and resonating about this place, it grabs my soul and shakes me, and then shakes me again. Around every corner I see myself as part of the landscape.

a foot in africa

The lazy Limpopo River winds lazily through this landscape, Mashatu trees and baobabs, with endless stunted mopane, during the rain small devil thorn flowers connect the rich ground tapestry as one, baby zebra and impala cavort with unabandoned joy at the bounty that lies at their feet.

Hyaenas are calling as night begins to fall, the odd grunt of a leopard disturbed from its lookout and the far distant call of a male lion on its territorial walk, this is my land, where I always have lived, not only in my dreams.”

The yellow devil’s thorn flowers (Tribulus terrestris) just after the rain

TULI means “dust” in Setswana, for most part of the year is dry and dusty, but when it rains the ground is covered in yellow devil’s thorn flowers that give to the landscape unusual features for a very short time and it’s a pure joy to watch happy elephants having mud baths with excited babies playing and trying to learn how to use their small trunks.

Elephant shrew is a common wonderful Tuli sighting

TULI is different from any other place in the world, separated by the Limpopo River from South Africa and the Shashe River from Zimbabwe, it’s a place with numerous archaeological and historical sites, the abundance of stones and pebbles makes this place a heaven for geologists. Breathtaking landscapes with an incredible variety of rock formations and abundance of wildlife makes this place a unique beauty on earth.

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