As I got through the gates in the remote part of Botswana, far away from the madding crowd, i knew I was home.
There is a deep spiritual feeling of well being, when I am in Africa, and it’s probably because it’s the land of our ancestors.
The thick sand and baking soon, the relentless fiery heat and the chance of getting well and truly stuck in the unforgiving road is all part of the charm of this magnificent wild space.
The Central Kalahari is possibly the last remnant as to how it was and what it should be like to go on a proper safari.
The incredible sunrise that start with lions and hyenas serenading each other in the distance to the yelp of a jackal, to the drive and unexpected excitement to see first fresh steaming pile of elephant dung, these are all moments I live and relive, the very first moment I step foot in this place.

The sunsets are a promise of cool, a welcome cold drink, probably alcoholic, and the roaring golden glow of a wild african campfire, nature own television, as you stare endlessly into its gloving fiery depths.

After a long and eventful day, i fall asleep beneath a blanket of stars that are constantly winking at me.
Bliss! Paradise found!

As soon as I arrived in this land I felt a deep and mysterious connection.
Home of the black maned lion and the brown hyena, the Central Kalahari Game reserve is the second largest game reserve in the world. It has a stunning landscape of superlative beauty, golden grass covering the sand dunes, a mosaic of pans, and areas of large trees. During the green season the place become rich of vegetation and attract thousands of springbok and gemsbok and the view become incredible.
There is anyway a strange mirage effect when the soil is completely dry, that makes the pan from distance looking as it is full of water.
This sandy and dusty place is a paradise of adventure.

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